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Board Terminates Fiber Internet Deal; Bylaws Amended

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Autumn brings change! Rancho Santa Fe residents voted to approve the bylaws as amended by the Governing Documents Committee. Additionally, the Association Board provided a disappointing update on the fiber project, viewed as a setback by many members. Take a look at the latest headlines below.

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RSF Association Terminates Fiber Internet Deal

RSF Fiber

The RSF Association Board informed the community that they had decided, at last Thursday’s meeting during executive session, to negotiate toward a termination of the Hotwire Letter of Intent (“LOI”) that would have brought a “fiber to the home” ultra-high speed 1GB/10GB Internet network to Rancho Santa Fe.

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RSF Votes to Approve Amended Bylaws

Bylaws Vote

At the October Rancho Santa Fe Association board meeting, Inspector of Elections Bruce Bishop announced the result of the vote.

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Clotfelter & Dunford Vie for SFID Division 1 Seat

Irrigation District Sign

Two seats on the Santa Fe Irrigation District (SFID) Board of Directors will appear on the November ballot this election - Division 1 and Division 2. Ken Dunford and Derek Clotfelter are both running for the Division 1 seat.

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September Water News... From the Desk of Marlene King SFID Div. 3 Director

Water News

Customers qualifying for the Agriculture rate, who do not have a dedicated agriculture water meter, can purchase and install sub-meters, but the process for reporting sub-meter numbers and capturing the administrative costs to invoice sub-meter usage has yet to be finalized.

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