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RSF Chooses Roundabouts, Covenant Club Debate Heats Up & Voting Rights Reform Advances

Life in the RSF community this past month has been anything but static. Results from the community surveys on intersections are in, a pro-Covenant Club group launched a website to inform the community on the Club's progression, and voting rights in the Covenant are undergoing updates with community input. Finally, the community sadly bids farewell to the Delicias Restaurant, a staple part of life in the Village. 

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P.S. - As the Holiday season commences, be sure to check out community events happening in the Ranch. 


Rancho Santa Fe Residents Vote Overwhelmingly for Roundabouts


In a decisive decision, the Rancho Santa Fe community voted roundabouts as their preferred intersection choice. Over the past few years, the debate has waged between installing roundabout vs. traffic signals. Now, the final community vote is in...

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Covenant Club Visionaries Launch Website to Dispel 'Misinformation'


In response to concerns over future progress of the Covenant Club, a pro-Covenant Club organization created their own website intended to provide the RSF community with up-to-date information on the fitness center.

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Voting Rights Committee Looking for Community Input


The Rancho Santa Fe Association’s new “Governing Documents Committee” has been exploring and proposing ways to make the Covenant’s voting procedures easier and more equitable.

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Delicias Restaurant in Rancho Santa Fe Set to Close After 19 Years


The Delicias Restaurant, in the heart of Rancho Santa Fe's Village will close its doors the night of November 15. The closing of Delicias represents the struggle between retail and commercial space in the Village.

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Covenant Club Design Committee Votes for Integrated Campus Approach; Sees Opposition from Familiar Faces


On October 13, members of the Covenant Club Design Subcommittee voted to approve the integrated campus approach. However, some residents feel this approach does not represent the best option for the Ranch.

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