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Nicks Newsletter, The Board Takes Action, Moving Forward with Fiber, and Planning the New Health Club


These are exciting times as our community faces and makes important decisions that will impact the future of the Covenant:

  • Traffic signals or roundabouts?

  • Will we support higher-density developments?

  • How do we bring fiber optics to the Covenant?

  • How are we going to save water during this historic water shortage?

  • What type of amenities to include in the proposed Health Club?  

  • Who are the candidates running for the Rancho Santa Fe Board of Directors and what is their vision?  

These decisions will have a significant impact on our community’s future. Our goal here at the Rancho Santa Fe Post is to keep you informed and engaged as we move forward together as a community.

Please share with us if you have something that you would like to see in the Rancho Santa Fe post on these or any other issue important to you! 

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Nick Krnich


 Rancho Santa Fe Board of Directors Take Action on Step Down Housing, Intersection Debate.


Rancho Santa Fe- The May 7th Rancho Santa Fe Board of Directors meeting took major action on several prominent issues throughout the community. In front of a packed house, the Board voted unanimously to confirm their support for the one dwelling per two acre zoning plan, as stated in the San Diego County 2020 general plan.

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Rancho Santa Fe Onstage at Broadband Convention in Austin


Many of you know that the Rancho Santa Fe Association (RSFA) is aggressively pursuing the build-out of a community-owned fiber-optic network to provide Covenant members with fast and reliable broadband Internet access, high definition TV, and other Internet-enhanced services such as better cell phone coverage and integrated security systems.

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RSF Residents Brace for Drastic New Water Restrictions



Many cities and counties around the State are looking for new ways to conserve water ahead of new water restrictions that will be released next month by the State Water Resources Control Board. While most cities will be asked to reduce their water use by 25% a new article in the Union Tribune points out that big consumers like the Santa Fe Irrigation District could be required to cut water use by up to 35%.

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Residents Weigh in on New Health Club Amenities Proposals


On Thursday morning, Rancho Santa Fe Board Director and Health Club Committee Chair, Heather Slosar along with Association Manager Bill Overton hosted a town hall meeting to go over the results from the latest survey concerning the implementation of new health club and pool amenities.

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