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Nick’s Newsletter, November 2014: Fiber-Optic Network Study for High-Speed Internet Comes to RSF

Exciting things are happening in the Covenant as more members get involved in our community.

  • A feasibility study is coming to the Ranch for a fiber-optic network
  • The Health Club and Pool vote is in progress
  • Election results are posted for school board and special district races

These are some of the important stories we are covering, which can be found below.

Happy viewing!

Nick Krnich

A Group of Private RSF Residents Fund a Fiber-Optic Feasibility Study


Fred Luddy, Eoin O’Shea, and Todd Mikles are funding a feasibility study that will address the financial viability of building a complete fiber-optic network that is owned by the community, rather than a major third party provider. The study is expected to be completed before the New Year at no cost to the Association.

“Our research indicates that ownership by Rancho Santa Fe as opposed to contracting with a major service provider will be more cost-effective and future proof. The Study will include a comprehensive overview of the project.” 

Everything You Need to Know About the Health Club and Pool Vote


RSF residents registered to vote in HOA matters have received ballots for the Health Club and Pool feasibility study. Voters are deciding whether or not they support the Association spending up to $350,000 for professional research and planning.

Ballots are due November 19th before 5pm. If you have not voted yet, be sure to make your voice heard

Register to Vote in RSF HOA Elections!


Although the registration deadline in the Health Club and Pool vote has passed, you must register to have your voice heard in future HOA matters. While the Covenant has increased its voter registration, 23 percent of members are still not registered.

If you are one of the members not registered to vote with the HOA, follow the link below.

ELECTION RESULTS: School Board and Special Districts
  • RSF School Board – TWO seats: Todd Frank (29.15%), Marti Ritto (26.82%), Christopher Blatt (23.08%), Violetta Sansone (20.95%)
  • Fire Protection District – TWO seats: John Tanner (43.65%), Tucker Stine (41.21%), Scott Union (15.14%
  • Santa Fe Irrigation District – ONE seat: Marlene King (62.94%), John Ingalls (37.06%)
  • Community Services District – THREE seats: John Tanner (28.28%), Laurel Lemarie (26.96%), Bill Hinchy (23.83%), Dale Nelson (20.93%)

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We also highly encourage anyone to submit stories relevant to the Covenant, from events happening in the area to your perspective on issues we face.