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New Tennis Club Memberships, Health Club Study and Garden Club Sale Approved

Board Moves Forward with Health Club Study

Last month, RSF residents voted in favor of a full-fledged feasibility study by a margin of 49 votes (762 to 713) on a health club and pool facility. The vote was a community advisory vote, which had no binding effect, but the Association Board unanimously approved moving forward with the study.

Board Director Rochelle Putnam advised that since the margin was fairly slim, the Board should consider the concerns of those who voted against the study. A survey will be included in the Association’s January mailer for those who were not in favor to better gauge and address their concerns.

Up to $350,000 will be spent on studying and creating a professional plan of the facility. Approximately $46,000 has been spent on initial studies by ClubMark Corp. leading up to the vote.

New Levels of Tennis Club Memberships

Tennis Club Board Member Dave Vandenberg outlined four new membership categories to the Association in response to declining memberships.

1) Discounted initiation fee for members of the RSF Golf Club. The current fee is $3,750 and would be reduced to $500 for those who are Golf members.

2) No initiation fee for returning members. Those who were previously members of the Tennis Club, but want to re-join can do so by simply paying dues.

3) Extended family memberships. Vandenberg states that there have been several people using the Tennis Club facility over the years by just paying the guest fee. Instead, the Tennis Club would allow RSF residents to have family members attached to their Tennis membership by charging a $1000 fee and dues. Extended family members are capped at 25 people per membership.

4) Social membership for older residents. To bring in older residents, the Tennis Club will offer a $500 social membership.

Membership Approves Garden Club Sale

Last month, the RSF Garden Club agreed to sell to Bruce Kleege of Garden Club LLC. Kleege is a long-time RSF resident. The members of the Garden Club agreed to the sale with 94 percent approval. The California Attorney General needs to approve the sale. Events at the Garden Club and the Resale Shoppe will continue its business without interruption.

The price for which the Club was sold has been kept under wraps.

RSF Patrol and CDRC to Receive New Vehicles

The Covenant Design Review Committee (CDRC) will replace its 17-year old vehicle with $40,000 of its budget. The CDRC requested a vehicle with updated safety features and better passenger comfort.

RSF Patrol Chief Matt Wellhouser convinced the finance committee of the need for a new Ford Explorer. It will replace a 2008 vehicle with 128,000 miles and engine wear which is part of a seven-vehicle fleet.