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Mille Fleurs Restaurant Reduces Lunch Hours Due to Lack of Parking

Parking in the Rancho Santa Fe Village is a known problem and solutions have been discussed by the community for some time. According to Mille Fleurs restaurant owner, Bertrand Hug, the lack of parking space is the reason why the restaurant cut back the days it serves lunch from four to two.

The RSF Review reports:

"Owner Bertrand Hug, who has run the restaurant for the last 30 years in Rancho Santa Fe, said he is fed up.

'I’m closing for lunch on Tuesday and Wednesday because there is absolutely no business,' said a frustrated Hug. 'Nobody can park in the village.'

Hug said he is frustrated by the lack of movement on a solution proposed last summer after a meeting with village merchants and representatives from the Rancho Santa Fe Association, Rancho Santa Fe Patrol, San Diego County Sheriff’s Department and California Highway Patrol.

He had been used to serving 70 to 80 lunches on weekdays but now he is down to a 'measly' 10 to 20...Hug said he would like to see more parking created as promised.

RSF Association Manager Bill Overton said the Association is working on the issue. 'The parking issue continues to be a priority for the Association and Village Revitalization Committee. It is a very complex matter that is taking time to research, strategize and resolve.'"

Photo Credit: Mille Fleurs Restaurant 

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