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Why I'm Running for the RSFA Board - Mike Gallagher

Mike Gallagher

Initially, I sought the November appointment to the Association Board in order to help bring best practices to how our Board operates. Over my business career I have served on numerous business boards, community boards, trade association boards and school boards. I have served as the Lead Independent Director on the Allergan Board and have been honored by the National Association of Corporate Directors as Director of the Year. I have given lectures on the responsibilities of Directors and leadership at the University of California.

Upon joining the Board I initiated a Five Year Strategic Planning process and worked directly with the Tennis Board, Golf Club Board, Osuna Ranch Committee and the Administration’s General Services team to identify their key goals and initiatives, action plans for each; and now we are finalizing a five year capital plan and P&L forecast. These plans will be central to focusing effort on achieving their goals, and should create alignment between our key units and the Association Board.

I am now running for a full term on the Association Board in order to complete this work and to embed this Five Year planning system into the annual budget process. I would like to see the Association Board develop an overall Covenant Five Year Strategic Plan that links key objectives to those of the various units. I believe the relationship between the Association Board and the club boards should be supportive and collaborative. It is in the best interests of the community as a whole to have thriving, successful clubs and an active community dining facility.

The issues that we face are long-term in nature and require long-term persistent and consistent effort. To that end, the Board must execute the Fiber Optic Project on time and under budget, enrolling the necessary subscribers to ensure financial success. This is essential to successfully compete for potential new residents and to spark greater demand for our community. We need to smartly market the Covenant as the best choice for families with young children, professional families, and retirees. My background in leading consumer packaged goods companies (including ten years as CEO of Playtex Products) has taught me how to develop and execute targeted strategic marketing programs to build brands.

My vision for the Covenant is a community that is renowned as the premiere living choice for families- leading to an active housing market. A place where we have undergrounded as many utility lines as practical. A place where our roads are paved on a systematic plan. A place where we have influenced an intelligent approach to rate water usage. A place where our community dining facility is a vibrant hub for all demographics. A place where our various clubs are teeming with members. A place where our Village offers the amenities appropriate to the quality of the community. A place where we have a stable and highly talented Administration team.

We are fortunate to live in the Covenant. We can all work together to enhance this life experience and the enjoyment we derive from living in this very special community.