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Member Vote to Update Association Bylaws Will Occur After July 1, 2016

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The Governing Documents Committee stated at the April 27 Town Hall that the community-wide vote to update the Association's Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws will be held after July 1, 2016.

The RSF Review reports:

"[Governing Documents Committee Chair, Fred] Wasserman led Wednesday’s town hall with committee members Allen Finkelson, Kris Charton and Director Mike Licosati, all attorneys. The group has spent an estimated thousands of hours of work on the documents and, as Wasserman said, the process was 'far more difficult than we ever thought it would be nine months ago.'

Wasserman reviewed the history of the bylaws, which were originally adopted in 1927 and weren’t amended until 1950. They’ve been amended 35 times since the adoption — the most recent changes were in 2006 (with 19 material changes not put to a vote) and in 2014, when the bylaws were amended regarding the executive committee by the board of directors, also not put to a vote.

The main goal in this round of changes was simplification, consistency and parity. Wasserman said the revised documents seek to delete the 'cumbersome and confusing' voter registration process and provide fairness member voting: each property owner of record shall have one membership and two votes. Sites with no votes will go down, sites with one vote will have two.

Condo voting rights are not included in this round of changes but the committee hopes to tackle it when they get more cooperation from the condo associations, Wasserman said."

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