The Rancho Santa Fe Post

Member Editorial: Unfair Treatment of Former Association President

Submitted by: Linda Leong Scuba

When my husband, Richard Scuba was here, he was very diligent in helping the esteemed board of directors of the Rancho Santa Fe Association and its staff hold their feet to the fire regarding issues of open meetings, good governance, having civil and healthy discussions while treating association members fairly and honestly.

I now feel compelled to “come out of the woodwork” when the issue surfaced regarding the “dethroning” of our Association Board President in February. I learned that a letter of condemnation was printed in the San Diego UT signed by over thirty Association members. While I am acquainted with many of the signers for whom I have great respect and appreciation, I am saddened to state that I disagree with their behavior in the defamation of another Association member. As a volunteer, the Association Board President was simply trying to promote fairness and openness in governance.

This inflammatory letter is mostly an attempt to discredit the former Board President with impunity and the Union Tribune is an inappropriate forum for airing personal grievances.  We might as well be witnessing a brawl in the parking lot so that those with grievances can duke it out in person.

Frankly, I don’t see any legality or legitimacy in this “public groundswell” against the Board President. The “Hate Fest” is hurting everyone.  In this case, the “punishment” does not seem to fit the “crime.”

I understand that the former president was simply doing her job to review employee benefits and compensation as our elected representative. For the signers to object to the Board President’s attempt to review the Association manager’s compensation package by calling it “oversight run amok” and a “fool’s errand” is openly irresponsible to Association members and misdirected.  For the signature group to minimize the submission of the Form 990 as an “inconsequential clerical oversight” is outright outrage and undermines public trust.

Shining a light on issues with healthy debate is fundamental in the intent of our founding fathers to foster a representative government of the people, by the people and for the people. Having a rubber stamp board to serve the whims of an elite group or executive staff of any organization by “brushing things under the rug” is abdicating one’s fiduciary responsibility towards the organization and the people for whom one represents. If my late husband were writing this, he would tell us we can do better.