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Manager’s Notes: Street Resurfacing, San Dieguito Half Marathon, and the Success of Gift Baskets

With Ivan Holler’s last Association meeting as Acting Manager, he brought good news for the Ranch. He covered road closures for the San Dieguito Half Marathon, resurfacing of a badly paved intersection, successful voter registration, and the ongoing project of high speed broadband for the Covenant.

Intersection Resurfacing

San Diego County will be repaving the intersection for Avenida de Acacias and La Granada. The asphalt must be redone along with the drainage and sidewalks. It is estimated to take up to three months to complete. Holler is optimistic that it will not take that long.

“There will be impacts. Just so everyone is aware, during the morning and afternoon school drop-off, unless you have to be in that area I would encourage you to not be around that intersection during those times.”

The specific times would be 7:30am to 9:30am on Mondays, and 7:30am to 8:15am on Tuesdays through Fridays. During drop-off, traffic may start around noon and peak around 2:35pm to 3:15pm on all weekdays.

San Dieguito Half Marathon

The 47th annual San Dieguito Half Marathon will be taking place on Sunday, February 8th. Members have been sent notices to make them aware of certain road closures in the morning hours of the half marathon.

This year’s course is new and can be viewed here: MAP OF SAN DIEGUITO HALF MARATHON. Significant portions of San Elijo and La Granada will be closed.

Welcome Baskets and Voter Registration

Back in November of last year, the Association began creating ‘welcome baskets’ for new and incoming residents of the Covenant. Association Assistant Daria Quay took the lead on the contents and delivery of the baskets. A personalized welcome letter, an invitation to tour the Association facilities and amenities, and other novelties were included in the basket.

New members are also encouraged to register to vote with the Association along with the welcome baskets. In November, eight escrows closed and all eight registered to vote, which was a huge success.

High-Speed Broadband in Progress

Earlier this month the Association met with Magellan Advisors, a consulting group that is performing a feasibility study for building a fiber-optic network in the Covenant for high-speed broadband. The study will provide a blueprint to design and construct the network, and have the Association own the technological infrastructure.

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The Association is in the process of reviewing and considering its options, but will be taking action very soon. Holler expects more details on its options by the end of January.