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Less Talk, More Action

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With campaign season in full swing we continue our coverage on local politics and the latest developments. Our CDRC Confidential Columnist Jane Van Praag writes, “When Members pick candidates to put on the Board, I hope they choose candidates who understand, not just pay lip service, to the PC.” This sentiment is echoed in my article, “Shut It Off and Show Up,” but with the focus on our Covenant constituency and how we can better support local government and the electoral process (I direct the scowl and wagging accusatory finger right at the worst offender: me).

Also in this month’s edition, our High Priestess of Water Marlene King expresses her gratitude for the RSFA’s ongoing interest and concern in water use issues and rates: “Speaking as Div. 3 Director, I am proud and grateful that RSFA constituents have stepped up to the plate to put their money where their mouth is. The RSFA has engaged SFID in a responsible, professional, public-minded, and transparent manner to address their concerns about the way in which the 2015 Cost of Service Study was structured.” Another little factoid she highlights which readers may find interesting: “In cleaning out some office files, I ran across a cancelled check to the SFID for $85.24, dated May 1, 1995. I cross-checked my records to determine that my property used 47 units of water that billing cycle (lots of rainfall that period). Today’s rates for a 1” meter using 47 units would set me back $291.26, which amounts to a 5.5% yearly rate increase, compounded 23 years in a row.” Ouch!

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