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Kim Eggleston: Why I’m Running for Association Board

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Dear Neighbor,

I know you are busy. But, if you, like me, care about protecting the value of your home, I hope you will consider voting for me for the HOA Board.

I am not looking to turn the world upside down. I just want to see basic sound business practices implemented to protect our investments.

The Finance Committee must be fully consulted before any major expenditures are made. Executive compensation packages must be reviewed and approved by vote of the full Board. Operating expenditures must be kept in-line with operating revenues.

I oppose any dues increase. One proposal on dues that has been knocked around for years is to simply have every homeowner pay a flat amount. While this may sound attractive at first blush to some, I believe that it is impractical as it could have the effect of dramatically increasing older homeowners’ fees.

There is no need to raise dues on anyone. Our Association revenues are more than sufficient to meet our needs. We simply need to operate in a more business-like fashion.

We can use existing resources to improve safety, technology access, and community improvements. These plans must be fully vetted, circulated amongst all homeowners and acted upon only when the appropriate public process has been completed.

I am committed to reversing the trend of recent years, which has seen our home appreciation lag far behind our neighbors outside the Covenant.

I am also committed to being available for one-on-one questions, concerns, or a particular interest in issues coming before the Board.

You can always reach me by email or by calling (858) 225-7275.

Best Wishes,