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Ken Markstein Interview with RSF Review

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Occupation: CEO Markstein Beverage Co, Wholesale Beverage Distributor.

Community Activities: Board Member, RSF Community Center

Scoutmaster, Boy Scouts of America Troop 766

Member, Rancho Santa fe Design Review Committee

Board of Governors, Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club

Rancho Santa Fe Finance Committee

President, Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club

Rancho Riding Club Board of Directors

President Rancho Riding Club

Years lived in Rancho Santa Fe: 28 years

What do you think are the most important issues facing the RSF community?

There are several issues facing our community right now. In order to address these issues effectively and fairly, we must improve upon the perception of many members that the Association board can sometimes be dismissive, divisive and out of touch with the membership. Once an inclusive process is in place, the Association board has to continue to do much of what it has been trying to do – but with more success. We must expand high-speed internet access, improve cell service without installing visually intrusive towers, ensure that the rural feel of our community is protected by preventing out-of-character developments such as the Mabee Project, resolve the issues surrounding the Covenant Enhancement Fund, pursue additional water sources – something which I, as president, helped the Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club pursue in 2010, and revitalize the Village. Just as importantly, we must continue to work on reducing Association staff instability, so that there is a solid platform in place from which we can address the aforementioned issues.

Finally, regarding the Covenant Club proposal, it is nice to see that the current board recognizes that the proposed location and price tag are unacceptable and that they are looking for a more feasiblie proposal. I only wish that they would have reached this conclusion earlier, thus saving all of us – including Covenant Club supporters – a lot of anguish.


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