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Keep Calm and Check the Box

Tax deadline be damned, I still made it to my yoga mat on April 17. But somehow the instructor’s specially curated IRS play list of Abba’s vaudevillian nightmare “Money, money, Money” and the Beatles nasally “Tax Man” sucked any joy I ever got out of flopping around like an idiot in a 102-degree hot box of stink. Before we namaste’d our spandexed back sides out of class, the teacher wrapped up her scorched earth attack on my meditative state by reminding us to be "grateful that we are in income brackets that allow us to be taxed," oh wait, and my personal fav, "California doesn’t have the highest taxes." Ujjayi warrior breathing wasn't going to save my third eye from going blind on this Hope-diamond size of a gem. Stay calm, keep eyes closed, visualize unicorn jumping over galactic moonbeams.

Indeed, out of all of our civic duties of tax paying, jury duty and the like, it seems like checking off a box or two on a ballot is the least destructive of one’s inner chakras. And in small elections like the one for our School Board on Tuesday, April 24, or our upcoming Association, the tiniest tic tac of effort can have a Costco family pack level effect.

With so many articles having been written recently on the School Board race, we created a special School Board Election Center section. We urge our readers to take a look, make an informed decision, and be sure to vote by this coming Tuesday. And just so we make sure to indelibly Sharpie the mantra into everyone’s jaded psyche, please remember that this election does not just effect current reproductively blessed Covenant Members with small football teams of progeny at our local school, but everyone in our community young and old, with or without children, who has a stake in the health and well being of the Ranch and its future.

And just when one election wraps up, another RSFA one goes into full swing. Yes, I know, your eyes are glazing over and you feel like pulling a major mid- to late-life crisis, selling all your earthly possessions and hitchhiking to Coachella, right? Kind of a Timothy-Leary-light deal. But If you’re exhausted by the politics, just think of the poor, dedicated souls running. Charlie Sheen eat your heart out, because they've all got tiger blood in my book. Blue ribbons all around just for showing up.

Ballots for the RSFA Board of Directors will be mailed to Members on May 10. There are three candidates vying for two open seats. Our very own Jane Van Praag temporarily parts with her CDRC column to talk political shop and show her support for RSFA candidate Sharon Runhau. As always, we welcome all Members to submit their views on current races and show their support for their own candidacy or a candidate who is running. We are equal opportunity Posters, so send something in!

Readers may also have seen signs popping for the Board of Supervisors race for District 5 which includes the Ranch. In an associated piece to the article we posted on the SOS Ballot Initiative, Jacqueline Arsivauld, a strong SOS supporter/volunteer and voice in protecting unincorporated areas like the Ranch is running for that position. Recently the Voice of San Diego ran a story about her which readers may find interesting.

Lastly, the race for RSF Connect to get built is picking up the pace with the RSFA's recent announcement that San Fran-based Race Communications will serve as the project's Internet Service Provider. The firm specializes in servicing rural areas like the Ranch. Construction on RSF Connect is to start this summer and take two years to complete. Updates on the project can be found here. For more information about the agreement with Race Communications, please go to this link. And if the fine print is making your third eye go blind like mine, here are the agreement's highlights. We will be sure to break down the details of the Race deal soon for our readers so they know how it will affect them and our community.

Have a great weekend and PLEASE VOTE!


Rachel & Nick