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July Water News... From the Desk of Marlene King SFID Div. 3 Director

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SFID July 21st Board Meeting: Gov. Brown’s May 9, 2016 Executive Order, B-37-16, Making Water Conservation a California Way of Life, was discussed.

This latest Executive Order has the potential to have significant, far-reaching effects on how Californians use water. While many of us would conclude that the Governor’s 2015 Executive Order had a more significant impact on how we used water for outdoor irrigation, this latest Order continues to focus not only on reducing outdoor irrigation but also takes aim at indoor per capita water usage. Why might this Order be particularly challenging for our District? Estate properties in the eastern service area - very large homes and properties – compared with the average city lot in San Diego, or, better yet, the average residence in the City of San Francisco, have significantly different water use patterns. The State Water Resources Control Board is being urged to not take a “one size fits all” approach, but rather to take proper consideration of each District’s population and land use patterns. It remains to be seen how the SWRCB works to carry out the Governor’s Order, which at some point will involve the participation of the State Legislature. SFID will keep our ratepayers apprised of the progression of the implementation of the Governor’s “Making Water Conservation a California Water of Life”.

SFID Board opening in Div. 1 – Greg Gruzdowich seat: Since Greg is not seeking re-election, please consider filing papers to run for the Div. 1 seat in the upcoming November 2016 General Election. Candidate filing papers can be picked up at the SFID District offices, or at the Registrar of Voters offices in Kearny Mesa. Candidate filing period has already begun: July 18th through August 12, 2016…although since the incumbent is not running, the deadline extends for five additional days to 5pm August 17, 2016. Div. 1 essentially covers the western portion of the Covenant and the communities of Montecito, Isla Verde and Sun Valley in Solana Beach. Div. 1 candidates must own property, be a registered voter, and reside in SFID Div. 1 to be able to file papers.

How much water have we been consuming? As you know, SFID submitted to the SWRCB that we have access to enough water to meet our customers’ demands for the next three years. The State Board has yet to approve this “self certification” process, but it is expected that the SWRCB will officially respond in the near future. But, to follow on my June 2016 Water News, below is a summary of the SFID water usage for the past year:


% reduction compared to same month 2013
Residential gallons/capita/day

May 2016
337.6  r-gpcd

April 2016
306.7  r-gpcd

March 2016
247.9  r-gpcd

February 2016
253.1  r-gpcd

January 2016
162.9  r-gpcd

December 2015
206.1  r-gpcd

November 2015
278.7  r-gpcd

October 2015
312.4  r-gpcd

September 2015
357.8  r-gpcd

August 2015
393.4  r-gpcd

July 2015
312.9  r-gpcd

June 2015
380.4  r-gpcd

May 2015
299.0  r-gpcd

April 2015
-  9.0%
426.6  r-gpcd

Satellite photos comparing Lake Mead water levels: THIS IS FUN!!

Last month’s Water News discussed Lake Mead’s historic low water level. The link below allows you to compare May 1984 Mead water levels with May 2016 levels. Scroll down past the second photo, and click on “View Image Comparison”. This will enable the slide feature which allows you to use your mouse and compare a “full” Lake Mead with the current historic low level. Best to use your largest computer screen.

It is a wonderful learning tool to use with your children or grandchildren or anyone who enjoys a fun game of how many differences can we discover and what do those differences teach us.