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Janet Danola interview with RSF Review

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Occupation: In my career, as a certified public accountant, I worked as an auditor for Touche Ross, the Chief Financial Reporting Officer for Great American Saving Bank, and a project manager for the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB).

I have been an active member of the RSF Homeowners Group’s steering committee and I serve on the Golf Club’s House Committee.

Years lived in Rancho Santa Fe: Four.

Why do you want to serve on the RSF Association Board?

Over the past year, I have documented meetings of the Association board and its committees as they relate to the proposed Covenant Club. Having been to countless meetings, I have insight into how the board operates and how it interfaces with our community. Issues about roundabouts/traffic signals, the subdivision of the Inn property, 95-foot cell towers, the Mabee project and the Covenant Club have left the community divided and concerned about how the board operates. We need to get down to basics to make thoughtful decisions, to rekindle confidence in the board, and to build a cohesive community. Those basics will build a strong foundation for the board that will enable it to build consensus and move forward. Most importantly we need to put our community first.


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