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Welcome to the second print edition of the RSF Post!

Thanks to the overwhelming support and feedback from the community the RSF Post continues to be a vital source for local news and information. Last month alone, the RSF Post reached readers over 33,000 times and now hosts over 200 articles on a wide array of topics - just a few of which are included herein.

In addition, the Post’s Facebook page now has over 1,200 followers! From the very beginning, the Post has been an open platform for residents to share their views and discuss important issues so that everyone’s voice in the community can be heard.

If you would like to participate in the discussion, please visit and click the ‘Submit an Article’ button on the top of the homepage. All that is asked is submissions abide by a simple, 3-point etiquette: No Self-Promotion, Cite Sources, and No Personal Attacks.

Don’t forget to check out the Events Calendar as well. Visit to see all the upcoming community meetings, celebrations, and deadlines. Plus you can submit an event of your own if you’d like.

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