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I'll Try Again Mr. Eggleston

I have thoughtfully tried to express the feelings of many in our community who are saddened by what has happened to our town since Pres. Boon hired a PR firm to get herself and Mr. Eggleston elected to the Association Board.

Lately, each time I write to express my concerns I am personally attacked.

Attached you will see a rather derogatory text that Pres. Boon’s husband wrote accusing a friend of not being man enough to sign as the author of one of my letters. His accusation came when he saw my friend’s computer’s ID on a PDF. I have hired no PR firm, my friends help edit and format my work. Clearly Mr. Boon was unhappy about my letter and jumped to an erroneous conclusion.

Most recently the Treasurer of our Association Board, Mr. Eggleston, who represents each of us in his role on the Board, wrote two condescending and offensive emails about me and my letter titled Hostile Takeovers and Shark Repellents. Yesterday I made a plea at the Association Board Meeting to ask that the Board show more respect for their constituency. Apparently my plea was ignored. By afternoon one of his offensive emails was posted on a public website managed by IVC Media.

At the time of Mr. Eggleston’s writings we had never met. Still, he accused me of being childish and coincidentally being incapable of writing for myself as Mr. Boon had assumed the previous week. This time he attributed my piece to Pete Smith. He theorized that Mr. Smith is conspiring against him and complained about what I pay in association assessments. I believe the below email is written in his own words, you can decide for yourself. A slightly more professionally formatted second email was received by many in a mass mailing. It did not refute the facts or premise of my letter but clearly changed the topic and brought up old and tired subjects. Mr. Eggleston is either incapable of understanding what I wrote or he intentionally changed the tenor and focus to his benefit. In his second email he accused me of attempting to discredit the Peace and Shea law firm that he as a Board member hired to represent our Association. I did no such thing. Perhaps he missed my point?

I actually believe Mr. Peace must be brilliant. How often does one get paid handsomely to get candidates elected to office, then once again get paid handsomely (over $90,000 since Dec, and another $60,000 approved by the Board yesterday) by the organization to which his candidates were elected? I do not know Mr. Pease but he appears to be a very shrewd businessman.

My intention was not to discredit his law firm or his PR firm. We have all seen a great deal of IVC Media’s professional work. In actuality I was merely comparing what has happened in our town to a common aggressive and unwanted business practice and also questioning Mr. Eggleston’s and our Board’s judgment. They have a fiduciary responsibility to spend our money wisely, I hope they are.

I was also challenging our community to pay attention to what Mr. Eggleston, the Board and their candidates are doing and not what they or a PR firm say they are doing.



Mr. Boon's Text



Mr. Eggleston's email

Just read your email that included Helen DiZio's ghost written screed about a hostile takeover.

In my adult life, I have never witnessed anything so patently stupid and childish.  Helen DiZio is incapable of writing this crap, and in previously distributed emails with a word document  attached, Pete Smith was the author.  Simple to find out as Microsoft Word tells you who wrote it!

Steve this is the same bunch who disseminated a divorce filing of mine from the 90s in Phoenix, that included my Social Security #.  Please don't give any credence to the conspiracy theorists who pay nothing in assessments, and bitch about everything.

Kim Eggleston
Rancho Santa Fe, CA