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Helpful Tips For Starting Your Spring Garden

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Spring is finally here and many Ranch residents are gearing up to plant for the season. Here are a few tips to help homeowners save money and water while maintaining a rich and varied garden:

  1. Always plan to start your garden before the hot days hit. Planting early helps establish the plant’s roots which makes it easier for plants to stay alive during extremely hot days.

  2. Good soil with organic compost is the key to a healthy garden. Compost helps trap moisture and fosters deep root formation.

  3. Add a 3” to 4” layer of mulch to reduce evaporation and weeds that compete for the same water. This also protects the plant’s roots from heat. However, always remember to break up crusted mulch as this can prevent water from reaching the plants.

  4. Since all plants compete for limited resources in a limited space, clear out crowded garden beds and remove weeds regularly.

  5. Do not overuse fertilizers. Overusing fertilizers often leads to increased plant growth and the need for more water.

  6. Water your lawn between 9pm and 6am to reduce evaporation.

  7. It is best to water your plants in the early morning. If you water in the early evening, you run the risk of fungus formation at night. Also, infrequent and deep watering of plants encourages deeper root growth and makes plants more drought resistant.

  8. If you use a hose for watering, make sure it is stored in a shaded area. Do not use water from the hose that has been sitting in the sun as hot water stresses sensitive plants.

  9. Installing a water-efficient drip irrigation system conserves water and helps to regulate how often and how much water is used.

  10. Consider choosing drought-resistant and native plants!