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Healthy Eating 2017: RSF Farm to Your Table

One of the most common goals for any new year is to eat healthier. Changing one’s diet can be challenging, and should be done in the right way with the right intentions. It is better to set an achievable goal that can be maintained, than an overly ambitious goal that is discarded by February.

An easy goal for residents of the Ranch to achieve is eating more fresh fruits and vegetables. Consumers are seeking more organic produce options, and a new program has been created by the US Department of Agriculture to certify farmland while growers are in the process of switching it to organic. This will allow these growers to sell their produce at a slightly higher price, helping to cover the cost of transitioning to organic farming.

Chino Farm is a Rancho Santa Fe farm focusing on local and seasonal produce. They have been recognized for their sweet corn, strawberries, and tomatoes, but also grow hundreds of other kinds of fruits and vegetables annually. Famous chefs have taken note of the quality of produce from Chino Farm, affording it national notoriety. Take advantage of this flavorful produce option right in your backyard.

Another option for fresh, local produce is to visit the Rancho Santa Fe Farmers Market, held every Sunday from 9:30am-2pm. Each week features a live performance by local artists.