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Safety Tips for Halloween in the Ranch

Halloween is just around the corner and parents and trick-or-treaters alike are preparing for the big night. Plus several Halloween-themed events are planned around the Ranch in the coming weeks. In an effort to encourage a safe and successful Halloween the RSF Patrol and San Diego Sheriff's Department produced a guide for safe trick-or-treating.

Below are some quick tips for staying safe this Halloween. 


  • Welcome trick-or-treaters with your porch lights and any exterior lights on.
  • Coordinate with your neighbors and patrol your streets occasionally to discourage speeding motorists, acts of malicious mischief and crimes against children.
  • Set a time limit for your children to "trick-or-treat". An adult should accompany any children under eight (8) years of age.
  • Instruct children never to eat anything until they are home and the treats have been examined. Cut and wash fruit before eating. Throw away anything unwrapped.
  • Check the wrappers of commercial treats for tampering.
  • Report any suspicious or unusual activity immediately to the Sheriff @ 1-858-565-5200!.



  • Exercise extreme caution when driving a vehicle. Be on the alert for excited youngsters who may have their vision restricted by masks.



  • Do not accept rides from strangers.
  • Carry a flashlight and use it when crossing streets.
  • Cross only at street corners, never between parked cars, and never diagonally across an intersection.
  • Look in all directions before crossing the street, and obey all traffic lights. Walk - never run - across the street, and use sidewalks, not the street for walking.
  • Never trick-or-treat alone. Have at least two "buddies" together for the entire evening.
  • Do not go inside anyone's home. Remain on the porch at all times.
  • Do not take short cuts through backyards, alleys, or parks.
  • Trick-or-treat only in your neighborhood and on well-lit streets. If possible, daylight hours are best.



  • Make sure your child's costume is not flammable. Show your child how to roll on the ground in the event his/her costume catches fire. In case of fire, do not run, as this makes the fire spread more rapidly.
  • Your child should have at least one hand free at all times to avoid injury in case of a fall.
  • Make sure that your child's mask does not restrict his/her vision and that it has adequate breathing holes. It is preferable to use non-allergenic makeup for the disguise instead of using a mask.
  • Use reflective tape or retro-reflective material for costumes.
  • Swords, knives and other such accessories should be of soft of flexible material.



  • Instruct your child not to eat or drink any candy or food until he/she arrives home and it has been inspected by adults.
  • Accept only professionally wrapped candy. Discard all candies which are not wrapped or whose wrapping appears to have been opened or punctured.



Photo Credit: Rancho Santa Fe Village Facebook Page