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Golf Club Updates Board on Projects and Discussed Resolution

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Golf Club Gives Positive Updates

At the RSF Association Board’s January meeting, Golf Club Manager Al Castro gave an update on the Club’s memberships and events.

At the end of December, the Club had 498 members, but Castro reported that two additional memberships were made final on the day before the meeting. Castro said that the Club’s financial report is expected to be positive.

The Golf Club hosted a New Year’s Eve event which was said to be a success. It was a sold out event that had a waiting-list with a total of 153 people in attendance. Their goal was to sell out at 150 in attendance, but took in the last three people on the waitlist.

The Club will also be introducing its “Get Smart” series, which consists of educational workshops and seminars on medical and financial advice. It will begin on January 15th with the topic of lung cancer awareness. There will be light appetizers and a no-host bar. There will be no cost to attend the January event, but there may be a fee in the future.

Castro confirmed that the Golf Club was approved for the $1.62 million rebate from the Metropolitan Water District (MWD) for renovating its landscape to require less irrigation. The project began in August of 2014 and the Club met its December 2014 deadline. All renovations consisted of turf removal, and drought-tolerant trees and shrubs. All but $800 worth of renovations were verified, making the project a near-perfect success.

Resolution Between the Association Board and Golf Club Board

The following was reported by the RSF Review

The Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club Board of Governors was taken by surprise when members received the RSF Association’s agenda list last week and saw an update on the board’s resolution regarding the club, according to RSF Golf Club President Steve Dunn.

The Association board said it believed that the revisions to the resolution were minor clarifications but Dunn said that a number of issues in the relationship between the club and the Association need to be discussed.

He requested that a meeting be held between the two boards before the Association’s approval of the resolution, which formalizes an agreement that the Association manager is allowed to attend board of governor’s meetings and that the club’s general manager reports to the Association manager.

“While the Association believes these are just clarifications and modifications, we feel there are some inconsistencies with our mutual bylaws, especially as it relates to our general manager,” Dunn said.

RSF Golf Club General Manager Al Castro said the Association’s passing of the resolution would immediately trigger a conflict to the club’s bylaws that state that the GM reports to “the board of governors, period.”

“I don’t feel like in the spirit of our relationship that this has been handled properly,” Dunn said.

Dunn said the board of governors two months ago requested a meeting with the Association at the end of January to review the latest financial information, and to help the Association understand where some of their challenges have been and where they are headed as a club.

RSF Association President Ann Boon said the Association board had not forgotten about the request to meet in January and was looking forward to doing so. After much discussion, the board decided to wait until after the joint meeting and vote on the resolution in February.

The new Association manager, Bill Overton (visiting the meeting and not officially joining the staff until Jan. 28), agreed with the board’s decision, noting that nothing would be lost by waiting 30 days and that the delay was a demonstration in diplomacy.