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Getting to Know Hotwire Communications and the RSF Fiber Deal

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Now that the RSF Association has signed a comprehensive terms and conditions agreement with Hotwire Communications to establish a community-owned fiber network in the Ranch, many community members are wondering what’s next.

The Association is working with Hotwire to make sure all community members’ questions are answered. A community Q&A session and a permanent informational booth in RSF are in the works. Furthermore, Association staff will work to distribute informational packets to members’ homes.

For some background information on Hotwire and the Association’s fiber network, please see Hotwire’s answers to some of the community’s frequently asked questions:

Can you tell me a bit about your company - What is Hotwire Communications, where are you based/operate, and what services do you provide?

Hotwire is a privately-held telecommunications company that has been providing services since 1985 and state of the art fiber-based telecommunications services for over a decade. Currently headquartered in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania, our company focus remains hyper-local, with 7 additional offices throughout Florida and Georgia where we serve over 100,000 homes.

Having been the first to offer Fiber to the home technology in the state of Florida, Hotwire Communications has been leading the Gigabit revolution by installing fiber optic networks and delivering 10 GBPS connectivity to multi-family and multi-tenant communities.

Through our Fision® Home, Work, Stay, U, and Encore brands, Hotwire provides advanced and customized fiber optic telecommunications services for residential, commercial, hospitality, and college campuses with ultra-high speed Internet, digital Voice, HD television, and Smart Home Technology services.

At Hotwire, we pride ourselves on creating an unmatched capacity to support multiple devices in a single residence, and in creating future-proof spaces with fiber optics. We’ve created a unique infrastructure providing speeds over 100 times faster than the average US broadband connection ensuring that Hotwire communities are capable of home-automation, 4K video streaming and future product needs.

What is unique about the deal with Rancho Santa Fe?

What makes this deal unique is that Rancho Santa Fe is financing, and therefore the owner, of the core infrastructure.

We, Hotwire Communications, will be using our technological and engineering expertise to design and build the network on behalf of the community and providing our advanced services over this Network.

As a matter of customer service, although Hotwire as a company prides itself on “white-glove” personalized customer service, Rancho Santa Fe will have a service-level-agreement (SLA) that will allow your community to invite other service providers to perform our services should we not meet the level of service you have come to expect. We don’t anticipate that Rancho Santa Fe would ever have to enforce the “SLA,” but we were willing to execute such an agreement because we are confident that we will meet and exceed the level of service that this community rightfully expects.

It is extremely common that all Internet service providers have negative customer reviews online. Can you let us know why Rancho Santa Fe residents should expect a high quality of service?

Hotwire is dedicated to its customers, and operates with a high-touch concierge focus, installing our agents at service locations; ensuring that they are available from the first meeting, throughout the groundbreaking, construction and installation processes.

Rancho Santa Fe residents can expect reliable, high-quality customer service with platforms sophisticated enough to provide support to every customer. Hotwire is committed to every community, every property, and every resident in Rancho Santa Fe.

At Rancho Santa Fe, Hotwire will have dedicated account associates located on site during business hours and will also have dedicated technicians who will work at Rancho Santa Fe every day ensuring a higher quality of support and service.

What will your presence be like in the community and what other similar communities have you been a part of?

We know the process of connecting your home must be a personal collaborative effort. Hotwire Communications provides a White-Glove type of service, with our associates staying on-site to assist residents with any questions along the way. We will enable continuous communication via a web page tailored for the community that will allow us to stay in touch, provide support, inform residents of updates, new services, and more.  

Fully-trained Hotwire associates will be on site to introduce community members to all that our products and services have to offer. We take a hands-on approach to customer training with multiple in-person demonstrations and create opportunities for feedback by hosting welcome and thank you parties so community members are able to get to know the company and the services available in their communities.

How is the network you are helping to build in Rancho Santa Fe different from a “normal” Internet Network?

Structurally, this network will be built at a level of innovation and sophistication not seen in traditional network designs.

Unlike “fiber” build-outs that you hear of in the news or on TV commercials, Rancho Santa Fe is building a full “fiber-to-the-home” network which simply means that each and every customer can have their own dedicated fiber line all the way from their house to the “headend” of the network.

In the industry, this called a “home-run” network.

It simply means that you are not sharing your network load with several hundreds of neighbors, as is sometimes the case with a traditional build-out.

It also means that as technology continues to advance and home automation and entertainment become increasingly dependent on fast Internet speeds, Rancho Santa Fe’s design will “future-proof” the community for many years to come.

How long until the project is completed and my home can connect to the fiber network?

Hotwire has committed to expeditiously build the network after the final design is completed and approved by Rancho Santa Fe and after the Rancho Santa Fe Association secures all the required permits, including in particular the local county permits. The Association hopes to get county permits quickly but permitting could take anywhere from 3 to 9 months.

When completed, this high-speed Internet connection will catapult the Covenant of Rancho Santa Fe from among the worst Internet-connected communities in the USA to one of the best in the world.

After the permits are secure, Hotwire Communications services will be available to homes as they get connected, so many of you will be able to have blazing fast Internet even before the entire network is completed.