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Garden Club Calls for Reforestation at Quarterly Meeting

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The RSF Garden Club held its quarterly meeting this month with the topic of reforestation at the top of the agenda. Earlier this year, numerous residents remarked on the declining state of foliage in the Ranch following a presentation by Arnold Keene, the Parks and Recreation Manager.

California's prolonged drought and the destructive Lerp Psyllid have been decimating foliage and the Ranch's signature Red Gum eucylaptus trees over several years. Bill Beckman, a member of the Garden Club and chair of the Committee on the Natural Environment (CONE) gave a presentation at the Garden Club meeting which outlined a plan of attack to undue some of the damage that has been done. 

Beckman's presentation suggested the CONE committee focus on a strategic plan designed to motivate, educate, and activate the community to help maintain a healthy forest.

The RSF Review reports: 

The vision of the reforestation effort is to benefit the future generations of the Ranch. Beckman said “Ten years, 20 years and 50 years from now, the members of our community will either say, ‘They could have (and should have) made a major effort to save our forest,’ or ‘Thank goodness they made the effort to save our forest.”

Conor Lenehan was the second presenter of the evening. Lenehan is the Fire Prevention Specialist II/Forester at the RSF Fire District. His presentation included instructions on landscaping practices and techniques to save a home in a wildfire, as well as personal safety reminders during a wildfire evacuation.

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