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Fred Luddy Pledges to Cover 10 Percent of Health Club and Pool’s Total Cost

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Businessman and Founder of Service Now Fred Luddy has pledged to donate 10 percent of the total cost for the RSF Health Club and Pool center should the project be approved. RSFA Board Director and Chair of the Health Club Committee Heather Slosar confirmed the donation at the Board’s Oct. 2nd meeting:

“Recently I had the opportunity to speak with Fred Luddy about the Health Club and Pool project. Fred and his family are going to fund the project in the form of a donation of 10% of the project cost. Fred talked about growing up in a suburban town with a community pool. He remembers waking up early on summer days excited to see his friends at the pool, swimming and enjoying lunch.

He added that most of us do have pools in our back yard, but he sees it as more than just a place to swim. It is a place for us to connect with our friends and neighbors or watch a sporting event in a casual dining restaurant. He believes that due to the large land parcels we need a community hub to help bring us together even more that most other communities.

We have so much in the Covenant but we are lacking a place for the community to come together, both old and young. The Luddy Family supports the vision for a Health Club and Pool. They want it to succeed. The Luddy Family supports Community Health Club as well as this interim Planning Phase.”

Michael Licosati, a leader on the Health Club and Pool Committee, stated that the preliminary cost of the project has been reduced, anticipated to be between $9 million to $11 million in total. Previous estimates were between $10 million to $14 million.

Voters will only be making the decision to support or oppose a full range feasibility study and architectural planning phase of up to $350,000, not the construction of the facility. Voters may say “yes” on the upcoming vote, which starts Oct. 20th, and still vote “no” if and when the time comes to vote on the project’s construction.

All the planning and studies for the project up to this point have been done on a pro bono basis. Slosar stated that the committee has reached a point where a research and development budget is necessary to plan and design on a professional level.

Slosar also confirmed that the Committee will hold a full presentation on the entire project which will be open to the community. It will take place on October 17th at 5:00pm at the RSF Golf Club.