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Foundation for Animal Care and Education's 10th Anniversary

September 24, 2016 at 8am - September 25, 2016

San Diego, CA – Last month, an eight year old adopted Spaniel-Retriever mix named Emma fell ill unexpectedly. She could barely eat and was very lethargic, which many retriever owners know is uncommon to the breed. When her symptoms got progressively worse her owner Anthony decided it was time to see the veterinarian. After examining Emma, Pet Emergency and Specialty Center (PESC) determined that she had an illness known as Pyometra: a life-threatening infection of the uterus in unspayed female animals. Emergency surgery was needed to save Emma’s life, but the cost was simply unaffordable for Anthony.

After spending all they could on diagnosing and managing Emma’s infection, Anthony and his girlfriend Juli were financially tapped. Without surgery, euthanasia is the recommended course for animals who have Pyometra, which is why preventative spaying and neutering is so vital. After six years of companionship with Emma, Anthony and Juli prayed this wouldn’t be their only option. Fortunately, Emma was able to get her surgery thanks to the Foundation for Animal Care and Education (FACE), a not-for-profit 501(c)3 public charity that provides financial assistance to pet owners who cannot afford emergency veterinary care for their companions.

Emma marks the Foundation’s 1,500th life saved, which excitingly coincides with their 10 Year Anniversary. In its first year, FACE saved 12 pets working with only one hospital in San Diego. Flash forward to 2016, and FACE has now saved 1,500 pets in partnership with over 125 veterinary hospitals throughout the county, all of which generously discount their services for FACE patients. “We appreciate all the efforts of the FACE Foundation to help nearly 150 of our clients afford lifesaving veterinary care,” says Dr. Trevor Garb, Director of Emergency Services at PESC. “We are ecstatic to have saved our 1,500th family pet, Emma,” says FACE’s Executive Director Brooke Haggerty. “FACE started with the idea that ‘economic euthanasia’ was preventable, that beloved pets did not need to die simply because of financial struggles. Our community has rallied behind that vision, and we are grateful to all of our supporters who have helped us come this far.” Much of FACE Foundation’s founders, supporters and volunteers reside in Rancho Santa Fe.

To celebrate FACE’s 10th Anniversary, the Foundation is asking the public to join them this September 24th and 25th for a weekend of festivities, including a movie screening of The Champions at The Illumina in La Jolla, followed by their 4th Annual Doggie Dash 5K at Road Runner Sports in San Diego.

Those looking to donate to the Foundation or for more information about upcoming events can visit or contact FACE at 858-450-3223. Please visit to learn more about PESC.

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