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Fiber Project Now Accepting Official Sign-Ups!

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The RSF Association is moving forward on bringing fiber Internet to RSF homes. The project is now in the community outreach and education phase. Therefore, Hotwire Communications is now officially accepting member sign-ups.

This deal will only happen if enough people in the community participate, the Association writes. "Sign-ups will be taken over the coming weeks. We need commitments from residents soon, but there is no stated deadline yet. We need to have about 1,200 pre-signups in order to put the project to a vote," the Association says.  

"Essentially, the pre-subscription threshold was a way for both parties to 'de-risk' the project for the community and to assess support for high bandwidth and future proof technology. It ensures a more healthy return on the investment for the Association...the more early sign-ups, the more financially sound the project is," Hotwire Communications explains. 

Under the agreement with Hotwire, the Association will own the fiber network. Hotwire’s proposal was one of the only proposals that treated the Association as a partner, the Association writes.

Hotwire’s pre-subscription page hosts a deal of useful information for RSF community members. Members can sign-up for fiber, browse plans and view the rate sheet, see the digital channel line-up, and read testimonials of other Hotwire customers.

At the time of sign-up, residents are asked to indicate the level of service they would like Hotwire to provide. Residents will be asked if they are interested in getting:

  • Fiber connection with a 1 Gigabit Internet Service.
  • Fiber connection with a 1 Gigabit DEDICATED Internet Service.
  • Fiber connection with a 10 Gigabit Internet Service.
  • Additional services such as Fision Digital TV, Residential Digital Voice Service, or Business Class Voice Service.

During the community outreach and education phase, Hotwire will be holding Q&A demonstrations, setting up a full-time location in the Ranch for community members to visit and directly speak with the Hotwire team. Information packets will be distributed and handed to members’ homes in the coming months.

For those wishing to sign-up for fiber Internet and for further information on the process, please visit

Members can also read background information on the Fiber project and Hotwire here.


Update June 7, 2016, 1:45 PM PT: This article has been updated to include additional information from the RSF Association and Hotwire Communications.