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Fiber Coming to RSF, HOA Candidates Speak Out, & Covenant Club Price Scaled Down

By now you’ve probably heard that I’m endorsing Rachel Laffer, Rachel Leheny, and Terry Peay for the RSF Association Board. Unsigned letters have been circulated by some who support the other candidates, falsely claiming that I don’t even live in the Covenant and that I work for the Inn. Our Covenant deserves better than personal attacks and frivolous rumors. And just like a few years ago, negative campaign tactics have sunk to the level of stealing signs from neighbors solely for having a difference of opinion.

Let’s continue this election by focusing on the key issues affecting the community rather than divisive personal attacks.

My point is – this election is not about individual personalities or voting for a friend. It’s about the kind of representation we want. I am supporting the three individuals who are committed to a governance that will continue the positive momentum set in place by the current Board. (Here's Why)

In the past, community members were not offered the opportunity to vote on projects that directly affected them. This Board has reversed this policy by including the voice of the community on issues such as the roundabouts/signals debate, cell coverage, updating the governing documents, and the Covenant Club.

Laffer, Leheny, and Peay want to continue this trend of transparency and inclusion that was sorely missing from previous RSFA Boards.

In other HOA election news, the RSF Association is holding the annual “Meet the Candidates” event at the RSF Garden Club on May 12 at 5pm. This is a great opportunity for Covenant members to hear what their candidates’ platforms are before casting a ballot.

If you haven’t done so already, I encourage all voting members to read what some candidates have to say on specific community issues: Janet Danola, Allen Finkelson, Rachel Laffer, Rachel Leheny, and Terry Peay.

Lastly, our community made headlines in the Union Tribune last week with plans to build a state-of-the-art 10 gigabit fiber network!

Bringing the fastest future-proof Internet to the Covenant is just one example of the hard work the Board and its committees have been doing on behalf of our quality of life, and in turn, our financial dispositions.

Read all about it in this month’s newsletter,


P.S. - Ballots for the Board of Directors’ election will be mailed out on May 12 and are due back to the Association by June 13. Happy Voting, RSF!

RSFA Board Signs Comprehensive Terms & Conditions Agreement to Bring Fiber to the Covenant


The Rancho Santa Fe Association is proud to announce it has executed a comprehensive Letter of Intent with Hotwire Communications to build and service a community-owned fiber-to-the-home network with the fastest and most innovative technology available in the world today.

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Op-Ed: Why I Support Rachel Laffer, Rachel Leheny, & Terry Peay

Laffer, Leheny, Peay

Last week I wrote about my support for Ann Boon, Kim Eggleston, and the great job the entire Board has done over the past two years to improve the Covenant. Laffer, Leheny, and Peay want to continue this trend. It is the primary reason I support them.

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RSFA Board President Sends Letter to All Unregistered HOA Voters

RSF Association

Voter registration in the Covenant is now at 82%, up from around 50% just a few years ago. In keeping with the current RSFA Board's policy of inclusion and transparency, Board President Ann Boon reached out to all RSF homeowners who are currently not registered to vote...

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‘Scaled Down’ Covenant Club Announced; Price Tag in $10M Range

Covenant Club

Rancho Santa Fe Association Board Director and Covenant Club Chair, Heather Slosar, revealed plans for a 'scaled down' Covenant Club in a Q&A with the RSF Review. The significantly cheaper plan would cost around $10 million according to Slosar…

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Op-Ed: Everything Connects Better With Fiber Cable

Fiber Optic

We can still maintain the old world charm that makes the Ranch so appealing, while simultaneously catapulting us into the forefront of 21st-century communities. - Rachel Laffer

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Op-Ed: Let’s Not Compromise Our Historic Roots

RSF Sign

There have been discussions of "step-down housing" in the Covenant for 40-plus years. There is a time and place for everything. In Rancho Santa Fe, the time is now, and the place is in the center of our community. - Rachel Leheny

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Op-Ed: Let’s Look at the Big Picture

RSF Village

To me, it doesn't matter if a Board member is for or against the Covenant Club. What matters to me is that all Board members respect the community's right to vote. - Terry Peay

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Op-Ed: Finding that Sense of Community

Golf and Tennis Clubs

Those who support the Covenant Club Project believe it would provide Rancho Santa Fe with a new sense of community. As it stands now, the Project would divide rather than unite our community. - Janet Danola

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 Op-Ed: Time to Differentiate

RSF Village

The three candidates support by three continuing directors believe that “the project should be value-engineered.” I say it is time for the Board to move on and put this divisive issue behind us. - Allen Finkelson

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