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February Newsletter: Slow Road to Fast Internet, New Manager Comes to RSF

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Rancho Santa Fe kicked off the year with a new Manager and high-speed Internet remains a top priority with some residents asking "What happened?"  New rules for voting in RSF Association elections are also on the table and a Board vote is expected next month.  

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Nick Krnich



The Slow Road to Fast Internet: Just Another RSF Roundabout?


Following a number of readers and friends who have reached out asking about the Association Board’s ongoing pursuit of a new fiber Internet deal, here's a recap of everything you need to know about the past deal with Hotwire Communications.

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Board Hires New Manager for RSF; Health Study to Revive Forest; Storm Hits Hard


The Board of Directors announced Bob Hall as the new manager for Rancho Santa Fe, who will join the community in early March. The Association is taking a step forward to help maintain the Ranch's beautiful landscape with a forest study, and the Tech Committee continues to work on a deal to bring high-speed Internet to the Ranch.

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Board Starts 2017 with New Voting Rules; Focuses on High-Speed Internet


Last year, Association members voted to remove the requirement that Covenant members register to vote and automatically registered all eligible Covenant members. Now, the proposed new voting rules would require previously unregistered residents to provide a verified signature so election officers can authenticate future votes. The new rules are currently on a 30-day comment period.

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February Water News... From the Desk of Marlene King, S.F.I.D. Director, Div. 3


January 19, 2017 Board Meeting: discussion focused on two issues – “what if” scenarios were Lake Hodges to spill, and the status of Gov. Brown’s Executive Order B-37-16 – “Making Water Conservation a Way of Life”.

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RSF Firefighters Hone Skills in 4S Ranch


The Rancho Santa Fe Fire Protection District's incoming crop of firefighters have been hard at work preparing to be the community's next generation of first responders. Station 2 in 4S Ranch is home to a realistic training facility where firefighters hone their skills and practice their life-saving craft.

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