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Covenant Will Vote On R&D Spending for Health Club

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The Pool and Fitness committee held a second open meeting on August 19th to explain the details of the potential Health Club facility project. Attendance was high as the committee recapped what was covered from its previous meeting and revealed a few new details.

(Read what happened at the previous Pool and Fitness committee meeting.)

One of the more notable changes from the previous meeting is the projected fee structure. The committee anticipates charging a $1,500 processing fee and $190 per month for existing Golf and Tennis Club members. Non-members will pay the same processing fee, but will pay $220 per month to join. If the total project comes under budget and/or membership exceeds expectations, costs to join may be lower.

The committee estimates 750 members in a 18-month pre-opening period, and 35 additional net memberships in its first four years. This is said to be a modest estimate considering projected membership is below half the households in the Covenant.

R&D may cost up to but will not exceed $350,000 in total, which will be spent gradually. If the committee reaches a point where a pool and fitness center is not viable, the remaining money will not be spent and returned to reserve accounts.

The committee plans to test the soil at potential sites in the vicinity of the Golf and Tennis Club. If the soil does not present any complications, the committee must plan around existing underground utilities as well as utilities for the facility.

Another challenge for a fitness center will be parking. A 15,000 square foot facility will require at least 90 parking spaces, and a 5,000 square foot pool will need an additional 50 spaces. The committee hopes to have approximately 195 parking spaces for the entire project. The Association must work with the County to make sure its parking layout will meet regulatory standards.

Covenant members will have future opportunities to voice their opinion on the pool and fitness project in open forums taking place the week of Sept. 14th. Covenant members must also be aware that the vote will be to only approve initial research and development spending. The vote was originally scheduled for October 6th, but will be pushed back to a later date.