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Community Excited for HOA Board Vote on June 9

vote-hoa-rsf.jpgBallots for the June 9th election have poured in for what may become the highest turnout for a Rancho Santa Fe Board election in recent memory.

Kids and Covenant parents alike are getting into the election mood. One family (pictured left) is celebrating the Covenant’s democratic tradition by sign-waving to encourage fellow residents to get out the vote.

With voter registration now at 77 percent, over 20% higher than just a few months ago, it’s possible that next week’s HOA Board vote will set a new record for the Covenant. 2,070 residents are registered to vote out of 2,700 eligible voters. While just above 600 residents are still not registered, voter participation may reach a new high on June 9.

Ballots are to be counted by the following day, Tuesday June 10th. The next two Association Board members will be announced right here on Rancho Santa Fe Association News.

Check back here for results on Tuesday.