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CHP Program Funding, Night Meeting, Tree Management All Approved

In addition to the extensive campaign finance and ethics discussion that took place at the July 3rd meeting, the RSFA board approved several projects its agenda.

CHP Programs Receive a Boost in Funding

One of the first items on the agenda was funding for the California Highway Patrol’s Explorer program. CHP Officer Scott Payson along with two members of the Explorer program and two members of the Senior Volunteer Patrol (SVP) program were present. The board was asked to grant an addition, one-time, $1,500 to the Explorer program for a trailer to store and transport equipment.

The board unanimously approved the additional funds for the program. The Explorer program receives $3,000 a year from the RSF Association to maintain its program in the area. The SVP program receives $4,000 a year.

Explorer Lt. Preston Keul spoke in front of the board on what the program has meant to him:

“I had a very hard time speaking in front of you all last year, but since that time, I’ve been promoted to lieutenant. I’ve had a lot of time to improve my confidence, public speaking skills, and leadership. That’s a big part of the Explorer program, the other big part is helping the community.”

The SVP donates thousands of hours of into public safety a year. The Explorer program provides experience and development for youth with an interest in law enforcement. Both programs play a large role in making sure the annual Fourth of July parade runs smoothly.

RSFA Board Will Attempt Night Meetings

The Board cancelled its second July meeting and will instead meet on August 7th at 6pm. The board may continue testing the time change to see if there are benefits, and will post notices if there is another change in the future.

Assistant Manager Ivan Holler said:

“This time change is intended to allow additional participation from folks who might not be able to make it to a board meeting during normal business hours.”

The Board may run the risk of meetings going on until the late night. RSFA Director Jerry Yahr stated there may be an extra cost since staff will be working regular after-hours.

RSF Golf Club to Renovate Its Course

RSF Golf Club Manager Al Castro was present at the meeting and gave a run-down of the current state of the club. There will be a removal of 56 trees on the back-nine and 74 new trees will be planted.

To conserve water and maintenance cost, 18.9 acres of turf will be removed from the entire course. Native shrubs will be planted in place of the removed turf. Castro stated that he projects the cost of irrigation for the course would be around $600,000 for the 2014-15 fiscal year, but he looks forward to cutting costs.

Castro said earlier in the meeting that the past fiscal year (ended June 30th) was good for club for memberships. The club registered 26 new members and lost 33 members, a disparity of seven memberships.

“The gap is narrowing, there used to be 10 to 15 and sometimes even 20, the difference between enrollments and cancellations is down.”