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CDRC Tracks Projects, Finance Committee Gets Charter, and Health Club Moves Forward

The RSF Association board held its monthly meeting on Sept. 4 during morning hours, but will continue night time meetings (6pm) moving forward. Treasurer Kim Eggleston and Director Jerry Yahr were not in attendance, but the board moved forward on several agenda items.

CDRC Starts Project Tracking

RSF Building Commissioner Robert Green updated the board on how the Covenant Design Review Committee (CDRC – formerly the Art Jury) is reforming its operation to become more efficient.

“In a response to a request from the Board, CDRC staff is revising the building application reporting process to include a new project tracking system,” Green said in front of the Board. “The new system will be designed to track review times for an individual project from the initial submission to the final decision. It will track the time for staff analysis and the CDRC review. It will also track the time the application is with the applicant for their work.”

Many jurisdictions track this type of information to provide an accurate picture of the total process, but do not promise a time frame for action to be taken. Unique to the Association, the length of time between a project review date and committee hearing is guaranteed to be between 10 to 21 days of initial submission.

The CDRC has experienced solid attendance at its meetings since opening it up to the public.

Board Approves Finance Committee Charter

The Finance Committee, currently chaired by Kim Eggleston, adopted a charter at its meeting last month. There had not been a formal charter until now, which will provide guidance and structure to its operation.

The Finance Committee does not approve or deny requests for capital expenditures, but instead makes recommendations to the Board on the basis of whether or not a proposed expenditure is financially viable.

Health Club Committee Updates its Schedule

The Health Club (or Pool and Fitness) Committee, led by Director Heather Slosar, will be presenting its plan to the Golf and Tennis Club and the Association Board at their Sept. 11th retreat at 10:30am.

On Sept. 15th at 5pm, the Committee will present its plan at the Tennis Club.

On Sept. 16th, the Committee will present to the Public Interest Committee (PIC) at 8am and the Golf Club at 5pm.

Ballot language for the community vote will be approved at the Board’s Oct. 2nd meeting. Slosar stated that ballots will be printed and sent out to Covenant members by Oct. 15th and the vote will conclude on Nov. 12th.

The community vote will only ask voters if they wish to approve initial research and development funds to professionally plan the pool and fitness center.

Read more about the plan for a pool and fitness center.

Cellular Reception and Farmers’ Market

ExteNet conducted tests several months ago in low reception areas in the Covenant to assess how it can be improved. Association Manager Ivan Holler will be meeting with Extenet on Sept. 18th to find out more about their results and possible courses of action.

The farmers’ market is still in progress without an anticipated start date. The County continues to ask for more information from the Association before making a decision on approval.