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CDRC Confidential: The Real Thing

“The Covenant” sounds like a religious cult. Neighboring communities make fun of the name. “The Covenant” refers to the Rancho Santa Fe Association (RSFA) where a protective Covenant runs with the properties located here. Please open your hymnals to . . . I mean, your Rancho Santa Fe Protective Covenant to Par. 55. This passage of the Covenant does reflect laudable values:

“Materials, colors, and forms must be used honestly, actually expressing what they are, and not imitating other materials (such as tin, tile, wood and sheet metal, shamming stone,etc.) as for instance, wood being treated frankly as wood and not in imitation of stone, wherever it is used.”

The real thing. “Keepin’ it real,” in Gen XYZ parlance. In the Covenant, these phrases are not advertising slogans. Truth, honesty and integrity. Not pre-cast, imitation, faux. Not stage scenery. If you can’t tell the difference between cut limestone and poured “stone-like” products, you won’t get it (kinda like cheese versus “cheese-like” products. Read the difference between a Beaufort D’ete from the Savoie region of the French Alps vs. Cheese Whiz curated from your local 7-Eleven.) Here are some snapshots of cut limestone from my house with wood being wood.


Over the years the RSFA lost its branding so that places miles away share the cache of the name “Rancho Santa Fe.”  But, where the Covenant Design Review Committee adhered to the Covenant’s provisions, the Covenant insured homes located here maintained the integrity of their materials.  Other communities may use our name, but may not be so demanding.  Some of us value the real thing.