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Caught on Video: Opponent Steals Ann and Kim Signs from Gas Station

For the past few weeks I have had signs stolen on a nightly basis from my gas station property.

In the video, you can see footage from a security camera that captures one of Addario/Callahan campaign supporters once again stealing signs I put up supporting their opponents Kim Eggleston and Ann Boon.

I have also experienced verbal assaults and threats of retaliation and calls for a boycott of my station.

All of this underlines how truly important it is that Ann and Kim get elected. Kim and Ann have endured horrible personal attacks simply because they have asked questions about decisions that effect the quality of our lives and the value of our homes. All of this just makes me more suspicious about what more they are afraid of revealing.

I am sending this to the media and to each of the candidates in the hopes that Dr. Adarrio and Mrs. Callahan will take responsibility and call for an end to the behavior of their supporters.

–  Mark Rababy


Do you recognize the Pink Panther bandit? Do you know why she is stealing Ann and Kim’s signs?  
If you are an early riser and see the Pink Panther swiping political signs in RSF, please let Ann & Kim know. ]