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Caught on Camera: Opponents Steal Laffer, Leheny, & Peay Campaign Signs

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On May 1, an unidentified male was caught on camera (below) taking down yard signs from the RSF gas station without permission. The suspect left the scene in a luxury sedan.

This seems like a flashback to 2014 when opponents were caught stealing Ann Boon and Kim Eggleston campaign signs (shown below). Now, opponents of Rachel Laffer, Rachel Leheny, and Terry Peay are continuing that tradition by stealing Laffer, Leheny, and Peay campaign signs in multiple locations.

In 2014, gas station owner Mark Rababy explained he was experiencing verbal assaults and threats of retaliation for posting campaign signs supporting Ann and Kim.

This election season has been fairly contentious, although all the candidates have said that they would rather focus on community issues than divisive personal attacks and dirty tricks.