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Breaking: Eggleston’s Ex Wife: “If I lived in RSF, I would vote for Kim”

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Earlier last week, Patty Queen distributed a letter to members of the Rancho Santa Fe community that included divorce paperwork filed 15 years ago during the divorce of Kim Eggleston and his former wife Kathryn Kulesh. Among the private information included in the letter were the social security numbers of both Kim and Kathryn.

Late Friday, Kathryn Kulesh, ex-wife of candidate for HOA Board, Kim Eggleston, sent a cease and desist notice to those involved in the potentially illegal dissemination of personal information related to the couple’s divorce over a decade ago.

Opposition candidates Susan Callahan and Dom Addario, who have been endorsed and supported by Queen and PIC, have not commented on the campaign tactic.

Rancho Santa Fe Association News received a letter (below) from Kulesh defending her ex-husband against allegations of unbecoming conduct and went as far to say, “If it was my HOA, Kim would get my vote.”




In addition to the letter, an email was sent to those involved demanding they cease and desist further communications of personal information. A copy of the email was obtained by Rancho Santa Fe Association news. See below:



Patty Queen responded to the request,  indifferent to the ethical questions about releasing social security numbers — not only Kim’s but that of his ex-wife: