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Boon Reinstated as President, McAllister VP, and Eggleston Treasurer

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Just 4 months ago, by a vote of 5-2, Ann Boon was ousted from her position as President of the Rancho Santa Fe Association Board.

“The board lost confidence in Ann’s leadership and felt she was no longer the right person to run the board,” RSF Association Vice President Rochelle Putnam said at the time.

The ouster came after Ann Boon asked for information regarding former Association Manager Pete Smith’s compensation and IRS filings that were filled out improperly by the Association.

But Boon’s ouster didn’t stop the questions. Several people in the community came to Ann’s defense, including Kim Eggleston:

“Ann is directly responsible for having this membership aware of what’s going on,” Eggleston told the Rancho Santa Fe Review in February.

The pair started asking questions about the Garden Club purchase and soon, others started chiming in. A group of about 100 residents even sent a now infamous “Vote No on the Garden Club” mailing via FedEx.

Other community members conducted voter registration drives, online and in the streets. In all, more than 350 new Rancho Santa Fe voters were registered.

With two spots up for election this year, including Ann’s own seat, Eggleston supported Boon by running and campaigning with her. By the end of the election, Boon and Eggleston had racked up nearly 150 public endorsements.

The two campaigned on issues like transparency, open government, and fiscal prudence. With a 75% voter turnout, Boon and Eggleston were elected in the highest turnout election in history on June 9th.

And today, just 4 months after she was ousted, Ann Boon has been reinstated as the Board President by a 4-3 vote.

Craig McAllister, who was the only Board member to publicly defend Boon in February, was elected Vice President by a vote of 4 -3 as well.

Kim Eggleston was elected unanimously for Treasurer.