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Board Starts 2017 with New Voting Rules; Focuses on High-Speed Internet

The Rancho Santa Fe Association Board kicked off 2017 with its first board meeting on January 5. While attendance was lower than usual, Board members welcomed the new year and addressed some of the coming year’s most important projects.

New Voter Rules Enter 30-Day Comment Period

Board President Fred Wasserman announced the proposal of new voting rules that will likely be put to a vote at the Board’s March 2 meeting. The newly proposed rules would require previously unregistered residents to provide a verified signature to the Association so election officers could authenticate future votes. The proposed rules follow a vote by Association members last year, which removed the requirement that Covenant members register to vote and automatically registered all eligible Covenant members.

Now that voter registration is automatic, Wasserman explained, current members who were previously not registered to vote would need to be contacted by the Association and asked to submit a verification signature. New Covenant members, however, would complete a signature verification during the normal property acquisition process. Members who are already registered would not be required to do anything since they already have verified signatures on file.

“This is trying to be responsive to comments we got from the membership" Board Director Allen Finkelson explained, referring to when the bylaws were amended last year. 

The new rules will go through a 30-day comment period, whereby residents can submit their feedback to the Board. The proposed rules will be made available on the Association’s website. After 30 days, the new rules will be voted on by the Association Board.

High Speed Internet is a Top Priority for 2017

The Association Board and the Technology Committee are focusing on getting a reliable, high-speed internet service for the Community as soon as possible.

Rick Sapp, RSF Association Board Member and Technology Committee Co-Chair, gave an update regarding the next steps the Committee will take to tackle this need, highlighting the following approaches:

  • An underground fiber-optic backbone network of about 60 to 75 miles that would pass by every home and business in the Covenant,
  • Fiber-optic connections from the backbone to the home or business, capable of carrying 1 Gigabit-per-second broadband signal with the flexibility to offer up to 10 Gigabits-per-second for businesses or heavy users,
  • Possible Association financing or capital to make the solution workable on economic terms, and
  • Face-to-face interactions with prospective suppliers rather than using an intermediary consultant.

The Technology Committee is working at full-speed, but Sapp affirmed that this process would take some time, and they are aiming to have a recommendation for the Board within several months.

Cap on Jr. Executive Golf Memberships Lifted

In an attempt to attract new members, the RSF Golf Club created a Junior Executive Golf Membership several years ago. The relatively new category allows incoming members under 48 years of age to spread out their $50,000 enrollment fee in installments, with a maximum of 10 years to pay the enrollment.

The membership started with a limit of 10 members and raised to 30 members in subsequent years. Bill Danola, Golf Club President, said they would like to remove the 30-member cap to allow for more members. In the past, concerns were raised that the Junior Executive membership may allow a spouse of the junior member who is over 48 to enjoy the benefits of the membership.

To avoid this issue, RSF Association Director Mike Licosati suggested the Board might consider averaging ages of the members in cases where one of the spouses is over 48, to determine if they qualify for the membership.

Ultimately the Association Board voted 7-0 to approve removing the cap on Junior Executive Golf Club memberships. Finkelson referred to it as a “fantastic category of membership” and assured that with more people joining this membership, the future of the Golf Club will be cemented.

Other News

The Association announced that the search for a new Association manager just entered its final stages and they expect to have a new manager soon.

The next Association Board of Directors meeting will take place on Thursday, February 2, 2017.