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Board Hires New Manager for RSF; Health Study to Revive Forest; Storm Hits Hard

The RSF Association Board of Directors made several notable announcements at its monthly meeting Thursday. The Association Board announced it had found a new manager, gave updates on the fiber project and talked about a new effort to revitalize the Ranch’s forest.

Association Announces Hiring New Manager

Bill Overton, the Association’s previous manager, resigned in June 2016 citing personal matters as the cause for his departure. To fill Overton’s place, the Board of Directors reviewed over 150 applicants, narrowed them down to five, and decided unanimously on Bob Hall. Members of the Board of Directors called Hall an “outstanding candidate with outstanding credentials.” 

Hall, who is currently City Manager for the City of Fountain Valley in Orange County, CA, will join the RSF Community in early March. Christy Whalen, who’s been acting as Interim Manager, will work with Hall as the Covenant Administrator & Assistant Manager.

Tech Committee Updates on Fiber Project

Last month, the Association reaffirmed their commitment of bringing fast and reliable Internet service to the Ranch. Co-Chair of the Technology Committee, Rick Sapp, gave a brief update on where the Board stands regarding this top-priority project.

Sapp assured members that the Tech Committee continues to progress after many meetings with potential suppliers and network architects. According to Sapp, the committee is working on getting cost estimates and hopes to present a concrete project to the Community by the end of March. The goal is to have a community vote on the fiber project around the second quarter of 2017. 

The Board confirmed that this will be an open process with public meetings and President Wasserman assured this is a top-priority project for the Association: “I know you’re anxious, I’ve been getting a lot of phone calls” said Wasserman. “It’s going to happen; we just have to get it done right.” 

Covenant Forest Health Study

The Association is taking a step forward to combat the ongoing die off of trees inside the Covenant. Drought, pests and disease have plagued the Covenant’s forest for years killing thousands of trees.

To find a solution, the Board of Directors is working with two local Consulting Groups to study the issue: Tree San Diego and Dudek Engineering. The study will help assess the forest’s health so researchers can more fully understand what is happening to the trees and decide how best to save them. The Association will allocate $30,000 for the study, along with a $20,000 donation from the RSF Foundation.

The final report will examine the forest in both public and private property and include an inventory of the trees and their types.

The Association is also working with the Fire Department and the Water District to get recommendations on the best types of trees for reforestation.

Photos by Bill Bonebrake

Storm Hits RSF Hard

Interim Manager, Christy Whalen, reported on damage caused by heavy storms at the end of January. Prior to the storm, the Association issued several warnings to the Community and established a hotline to report storm damage. Throughout the four days of heavy storms, the Association received 88 calls reporting 7 flooded streets, 3 flooded vehicles, 4 minor collisions, 3 downed power lines, and over 40 fallen trees on public property. This was described as “general chaos.” With the aid of the hotline, the Parks & Recreation crew managed to remove the fallen trees quickly.

2017 Board Election on the Horizon

Two seats from the Board of Directors are up for election in 2017. Board Directors Kim Eggleston and Rick Sapp will finish their terms this year, so people who are interested in joining the Board are encouraged to register as candidates. The deadline for nominees is March 10.