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August Newsletter from Nick Krnich

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I have had numerous requests to continue the News and Register to Vote sites. I will as long as they remain relevant and members continue to access the sites. We have had an extraordinarily high number of visits to the news site with nearly 20,000 in total since we started in March.

Covenant member input is valued and has been very helpful in building and improving the site.  Listed below are stories we our covering and new fixtures to the site recommended by members.

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Nick Krnich

We are now covering stories around the Ranch from water conservation alerts to fire preparedness guidelines.  The most interesting, however, is our coverage of the Association taking on the issues with our internet speeds and cellular reception.

The Association Meets With Tech Leaders At Qualcomm to Solve Technology Issues

Qualcomm Meeting

From left to right: Howard Wright (Qualcomm VP of Marketing), Ivan Holler (RSF Assn. Acting Manager), Manish Tripathi (Qualcomm Sr. Director of Technology)

At the July 28th meeting, the Association laid out the issues the Covenant faces; low-density population, outdated infrastructure, and zoning permits. They recapped previous talks with internet service providers and why past proposals didn’t work.

Tech experts discussed how different technologies can improve the Ranch and what it takes for implementation. However, the most future-proof solutions may require significant planning and groundwork.

Founder of ServiceNow Fred Luddy emphasized that something needs to be done in the Ranch:

“People are going to be using many different devices to communicate. It’s all going to blend together and if you don’t have broadband, I think you’ll be sunk as a place to live.”


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We will be publishing profiles of notable members in our community in the near future. These will help us build a stronger community and highlight the great things our members do.

We also highly encourage anyone to submit stories relevant to the Covenant, from events happening in the area to your perspective on issues we face.

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Register to Vote!

Register to Vote

Voter registration increased by more than 20 percent leading up to the past HOA election. This is a great accomplishment, but we can’t stop there. Our goal is to reach 100 percent in the Covenant! The more we participate, the better we can make Rancho Santa Fe.