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Association’s Urgent Call For Community To Vote

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Uncle Sam is pointing right at Rancho members this election cycle - not to enlist, of course, but to fulfill their patriotic duty and vote! Mobilizing voters to exercise their right is not always easy, but increased voter turnout this election cycle is absolutely imperative.

The deadline to update voter records has passed and all eligible voters should be registered by now. The Association has worked on merging the database and updating all records to ensure a good turnout. This year, each household will receive two ballots, regardless of the number of members who live in the household.

Christy Whalen, Assistant Manager of the Association, emphasized the importance of having a quorum during this election cycle. Current bylaws require 1/3 of households to return their ballots in order to have a quorum.

There are currently 1,761 properties in the Ranch, which means 587 household ballots are needed to validate the election results. 587 households represent 45% of the people registered to vote in the Covenant, which is why turnout will be the biggest challenge for the Association in this election cycle.

“If we don’t meet quorum requirement, the election will be invalidated” stated Whalen. If that were the case, the elections would have to be repeated, which would represent an additional cost for the community.

As Christy Whalen stated, if the requisite number of votes is not met for either the Board election or the proposed By-law changes (there will be one ballot for each subject) then the election for either or both will be invalid:

  1. Regarding the by-law quorum ballot: If the requisite number of ballot votes is not obtained then the high quorum number that is currently being used will stand until and unless there is an election where the requisite quorum is obtained.
  2. Regarding the RSFA Board election ballot: If one votes for only one proposed Director, then the second Director, if he doesn't obtain the requisite number of votes per the quorum, will, in essence, be grandfathered in under the director who did obtain the requisite number of votes.

Above are some outcomes that can take place in this election, if residents don't get out AND vote

President Wasserman joined in the plea to the community to exercise their right to vote: “We can’t emphasize enough the need to vote. One third is high, but in order to fix it, we need everyone to vote.”

Wasserman refers to the amendment bylaws, which would change the 1/3 requirement to only require the participation of 250 properties to achieve a quorum.

The ballot this year will include the two candidates for the Board of Directors, as well as a YES/NO vote on the amendment bylaws.