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Association Sends Mailer on Fiber: Must Read for All Residents

This month, the RSF Board of Directors sent a community update mailer which details the next steps for RSF Connect. We encourage all of you to read it, and when the time comes, support this project to bring high-speed Internet to the Ranch.

Our columnist, Jane Van Praag, explains the history behind "The Covenant's" name, and Phil Trubey talks toilets on the RSF fields.

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Nick and Rachel


RSF Connect Mailer: A Summer Reading Must

Fiber Update

Please step away from your Provence rosé, your golf swing, or, your conference call (we know you've started to day dream anyway), to read up on what's at stake (basically, our future) in this next ballot...

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CDRC Confidential: The Real Thing

CDRC Confidential

“The Covenant” sounds like a religious cult. Neighboring communities make fun of the name. “The Covenant” refers to the Rancho Santa Fe Association (RSFA) where a protective Covenant runs with the properties located here... 

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This Is Rancho Santa Fe - Porta Potty Edition

Phil Trubey


The board needs to prioritize it before the Association can move... Which brings up another interesting point. How do you go about lobbying the Association Board anyways?

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Water News…from the desk of Marlene King, S.F.I.D. Director, Div. 3


If you have an opinion on how S.F.I.D.’s water rates impact you, please consider sharing your point of view with the S.F.I.D. Board.

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