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Association Announces 2016 Board Candidates, SFID Proposed Water Hikes Discussed, and 2016 HOA Candidate Speaks Out

These past weeks have been eventful for the RSF community. Election season for the Board of Directors is in full swing, residents will soon have the opportunity to decide on voting rights updates, and the SFID is moving toward the proposed water rate increases.

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P.S. Voter registration is not automatic. Please take the time to register to vote before May 2nd. 

RSF Association Nominating Committee Announces 2016 Board Candidates

Your Vote

In accordance with the Rancho Santa Fe Association Bylaws, the Nominating Committee has placed the following names in nomination for the Rancho Santa Fe Association 2016-2017 Board of Directors…

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 Association Finances, Updated Bylaws, and Subdivision Reconsideration Disclosed at April Board Meeting

RSF Fence

At its April meeting, the RSF Association Board of Directors disclosed several pressing matters to a crowded room of residents. The top issues at hand included…

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SFID Proposed Water Rate Increases

Dry Landscaping

The Santa Fe Irrigation District is holding a public hearing May 19 at 8:30am to discuss proposed water rate increases. Find out how you will be affected and what you can do.

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Op-Ed: Define Ourselves with Progress and Positivity

RSF Stone

Local RSF politics should not reflect the vitriolic nature of our national political discourse. The job of elected officials should be to resolve differences, not to champion them…

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