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Ann Boon: We Need “Openness, Fiscal Prudence and Inclusiveness”

Dear Friend and Covenant Resident,

Some of you may know the concerns I have raised recently over the governance of our Rancho Santa Fe Association as it relates to the care and attention our community deserves. Unfortunately, what I intended to be an expression of legitimate concerns has been maligned as “disrespectful condemnation.”

It was never my intention to cause confrontations or to create negative publicity. My objective has always been to stand up for what is right for this community and for what is best for its future. RSF is a wonderful community. I am convinced that it can be even better. And together we can make it better by simply opening up to new ideas, listening to real concerns, and fostering a civil dialogue.

During the past few weeks, I have received a great deal of support – emails, phone calls, letters in the mail – from a wide cross-section of this community. These residents, like me, have all expressed a desire for good governance— that means openness, fiscal prudence and inclusiveness.

This year’s board is making great strides to increase the transparency of board and staff activities. I think that this process will only continue to improve.

As far as fiscal prudence goes, RSF is in very good financial shape. We have plenty of resources and our current annual budget is balanced. In addition, this board is about to take significant steps to improve our future finances by reducing the growing costs of employee benefits.

So, what is the concern?

The longer I have lived here, the more I have learned about the demographics of the community. First thing to know: this is not a homogeneous population. Some of us are older, some younger. We have many wealthy residents and those who live on more modest budgets. There are mansions among the old ranch-style homes. We have families with kids and those without. Some of us grew up here, while others have relocated from across the world. We have golfers, riders, walkers, runners, and couch potatoes.

But decisions about how to use our resources are made without input from all members in our diverse community. Few of us know how our money is being spent, why it is being spent, and for what purpose our resources are being directed. For many years, decisions have been made by a small group of members. Consequently, investments have been made in enhancements to the “community” that arguably benefit only a few. Investments that would benefit many or all of our residents have been ignored or downplayed. Many residents are clamoring for better high-speed Internet access, more reliable cell phone coverage, a community pool, a fitness center.

Consensus and compromise start with multiple perspectives—with putting all the options out on the table. Disagreements and concerns should be welcomed, not dismissed. I know that what we all have in common is that we love the beauty of this historic community and the things that make it special. And I believe that many of you have ideas for improvements to Rancho Santa Fe that would not necessarily change it, but would truly enhance it for all of us and would help preserve it for future generations.

That is why I am running for a second term on our Association’s Board of Directors. I am challenging the Board and all of you to engage in an open and honest dialogue. How can we make this beautiful community the great place that we all know it can be? Let’s work together.

My friend and neighbor, Kim Eggleston, has agreed to run with me for a position on the Board. Like me, Kim is committed to openness and honesty. There are two openings on the Board this year. You can vote for two candidates. With your help, I believe Kim and I can make a difference in the future of Rancho Santa Fe.

What exactly can you do to help?

First, make sure you are registered to vote in RSF Association elections by calling the Association office at 858-756-1174.

Pass along this email and tell your friends about the efforts that Kim and I are making on your behalf.

Let me know if you have any questions, concerns or if you need more information about the issues we are currently facing.

Let me know if we can use your name as a supporter on my email messages and in any ads that we might run in the RSF Review.

Please vote.

With sincere appreciation for your support,