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Ann Boon Responds: Asks Community to “See Through the Propaganda”

There was an article in Rancho Santa Fe Review on Wednesday about a discussion that occurred in open session last week over legal fees. After reading the article, I feel I must defend myself and clarify the record.

The article stated that money was spent on a formal complaint that the Manager made.

But here are the facts:

On February 10th, former Manager’s last working day in the office, he wrote an emotional letter to one member of the Board. This member then passed it along to the rest of the Board.

This letter (along with the famous defamatory one), was the main impetus for getting me ‘out of the way.’

The Manager’s letter implied that his stress was due to a hostile work environment and harassment. The board immediately hired a special employment lawyer because the Association counsel had to recused himself since he is a 25 year friend of the former Manager.

This lawyer said:

(1) it was not a formal complaint but we should do the formal investigation as if it were formal to protect ourselves; and,

(2) she did not think there was any grounds for the Manager’s claim(s).

Both the Association and I had to spend thousands of dollars for the investigator and the attorney’s time. I paid for my own attorney out of my own pocket, despite both attorneys concluding that the claims were meritless.

Obviously, this is a sneaky way for the current board to bad-mouth me while seeming so pure.

Now they blame me for costing the Association money? The Manager filed the baseless claim and I paid for my own attorney!

I encourage everyone in the community to get involved, ask tough questions, and see through the propaganda.

It’s your money they’re burning.

It’s our community that’s at risk.