The Rancho Santa Fe Post

Ann Boon and Kim Eggleston: “Stay Positive”

As many of you know, our signs have been stolen from private yards each night for the past two weeks.

Mark, owner of the gas station, sent us pictures and a video yesterday that show one of our opponents stealing signs posted at the gas station.

We will continue to provide signs to replace those that have been stolen. Please continue to take the high road. I know it is frustrating.

Mark has been particularly strong in his willingness to expose his business interest to the abuse and retribution from the Adarrio/Callahan group. Very disappointing from folks who lecture regularly about their desire for “civility”.

They have libeled Kim, threatened Mark, and labeled Ann as divisive. But, these are not the issues.

We have talked about issues and the process. Ann was the one who was criticized for simply asking questions. Then Kim was personally — and falsely attacked. We have not responded with a single disparaging comment about anyone’s personal life, their character, or even their good intentions.

But, the simple fact is that the folks that have been rotating in and out of power for the past two decades have not asked tough questions — I guess I found out why.

But not asking questions has consequences. It affects our home values, the quality of our lives, and in my view if we do not engage more prudently on fiscal issues it could unnecessarily lead to some very difficult choices.

We are fighting to rescue our home values and our quality of life from irresponsible fiscal management. I share everyone’s shock at the intensity of their protests. For those who have raised questions in the past, this is nothing new. Very strange.

But, keep positive. This time the good guys will win.

-Ann Boon and Kim Eggleston