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Addario and Callahan Support Queen’s Attack and Distribution of Social Security Numbers

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After days of silence, Dominick Addario and Susan Callahan appear to be endorsing Patty Queen’s distribution of documents containing personal social security numbers.

This is surprising because such distribution is not only disturbing, it appears to be illegal. 

Susan Woolley controls access to the display boxes in the picture below. The unsigned document appears to be written by Patty Queen and reprints an email that she had previously sent to this news site along with an additional message in which she appears to argue that her intent was to share information which she thought would disqualify Kim from serving on the board.

The information, as most residents by now know, were legal documents associated with disputes between Kim and his ex wife. The posting by the candidates appears to be in response to a letter to residents from Kim’s ex disputing Queen’s conclusion and stating, “if I lived in the Covenant I’d vote for Kim.”

Letter-at-Post-Office-Booth-e1401296501225.jpg LetterRSFelection.jpg