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A Letter From the Fiber Feasibility Funders to RSF

Some of you may know that in late 2014 we privately funded a feasibility study to improve the woeful Internet service in Rancho Santa Fe. We want to share with you our gratitude to the RSF Association Board which has taken strong first steps in deploying ultra high-speed Internet inside the Covenant. 

After the study was presented to the Board, the hard work began. In less than a year and a half, the Board has executed a comprehensive Letter of Intent with Hotwire Communications to bring the fastest Internet technology in the world to Rancho Santa Fe.

Of course, this is as gratifying to us as it is to you because we all live in the Covenant.

What is most impressive about this particular deal is that it involved more than merely understanding technology. Rather, it required tenacity to find the right partner and to execute a great deal - both for the Covenant and for subscribers.

We encourage you to visit RSF Communications to find out why we are so impressed by this Board's perseverance.

We also want to provide our unequivocal assurance that none of us have any financial interest whatsoever in Hotwire Communications. Our financial interests are the same as yours: our homes. As Jason Barry, of Barry Estates, said:

"It wouldn't surprise me if home prices lifted substantially - perhaps 5 or 10% as the Ranch becomes tech-friendly. This is great news for our community." 

This is an exciting time for Rancho Santa Fe. Please join us in supporting our outstanding Rancho Santa Fe Association Board as it seeks to protect our personal investments in our residences and dramatically improve the level of service for the Internet.

 Best regards,



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