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Association Board Candidate Drops Out, Amended Bylaws Sent to Residents

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HOA Board Candidate Drops Out

Candidate Sharon Runhau dropped out of the election, which means there will only be two candidates running for the two available seats. Steve Dunn and Rick Sapp will appear in that order on election materials.

Aside from the candidates, members will also vote for the proposed amendment bylaws and possibly on the fiber deal.

“We need to build some enthusiasm,” President Wasserman commented about the lack of more candidates. “Getting more people running creates more interest and gets more votes out.”

The Annual Meeting and Candidate Meet-and-Greet will be on May 11 at 5pm at the Garden Club.

Board Director Mike Licosati pointed out the disparity of representation on the Board, arguing that currently 33% of Covenant members are young couples with children at home, but only 10% of Committee members are from that demographic. Licosati said there’s a reluctance from younger members to run because every time they do they get defeated.

Manager Bob Hall announced the vacancies of two seats in the Finance Committee. Members interested should submit their application by May 1, interviews will be held May 17 and final recommendation to the Board will be given on May 31.

Updated Bylaws Discussed

On April 6, the Rancho Santa Fe Association Board discussed matters relating to proposed amendments to the bylaws at its monthly meeting. The proposed bylaws primarily address the chances that an Association election is deemed invalid due to a lack of participation.

There are about 1,900 residences in the Covenant, but in order to validate a vote, a receipt of ballots from not less than one-third (1/3) of members is required. Currently, about 400 residences are unregistered and without a designated voter. This could make it very difficult to achieve a quorum leaving a high probability of a busted election.

A proposed amendment to the Association bylaws would only require the participation of 250 properties to achieve a quorum. The additional bylaw amendments are typos that required correction. A new version of the bylaws was posted online and will be emailed to members along with the candidates’ information.

Just when the previous Board made great strides in increasing voter registration in the Covenant, it looks like we still don't have enough community participation. As Board Director Mike Licosati points out, the number of younger families in the Ranch in particular are not proportionately represented in the HOA Board or corresponding committees. This is disappointing for the future of the Ranch, and there must be greater efforts made by this Board to encourage community members to register to vote and get involved. Lowering the quorum required is not a long-term solution.

Editor's note: This article was updated on 4/14/17